Segar Sari Susu Soda

Segar Sari Susu Soda, a very first drink in Indonesia that combine milk with soda in sachet. A steady blend of milk and fresh sodas provide freshness every time you drink it. Segar Sari Susu Soda offer you a various fruit flavor that make your day more fun.

Variant             : Coco Pandan, Melon, Anggur, Strawberry, Taro

Configuration  : 1 carton = 4 packs @ 5 renceng @ 10 sachets @ 20g
In 1 carton containing 4 packs, in 1 pack contains 5 renceng and in 1 renceng
contains 10 sachets weighing 20 grams per sachet.

  • Carbox Size: 425 x 208 x 140 (mm) (P*L*T)